Certified Therapy Dog Team Placement

Once you receive your certification from CTD, Inc., we will introduce you to many of the wonderful facilities we are affiliated with in Palm Beach County. Based upon both your and their availability and needs, scheduling visits is then open to you. Some facilities like the courthouse will have a mandatory minimum commitment for involvement in their Caring Canine Program (at least two sessions per month) while others are open to a less formal schedule of visits.

We are constantly expanding our network of facilities that see the enormous value and contributions that a Certified Therapy Dog can make to their patients, residents, students, etc. If there is not a listed facility near you, or if you would like to visit a specific location, we will reach out on your behalf and, if allowed, make needed arrangements for your visits. Once again, opportunities are available at schools, hospitals, the courthouses, airports, rehab and assisted living facilities, hospice, the VA and more.

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