Our Training Methods


We are different than most other Therapy and Comfort Dog Foundations based upon the following…

  • CTD provides all levels of AKC training required to become a legitimate Certified Therapy Dog or a well-mannered Companion Dog. Most other organizations do not provide AKC level training required to become a top tier, exceptionally well-trained canine good citizen.

  • All of our Board Members and volunteers have conducted thousands upon thousands of dog therapy and comfort visits to a broad array of facilities. Our staff is full on therapy and comfort dog oriented and dedicated to encouraging the respect that comes with a well-trained canine companion.

  • We are constantly expanding training and visitation locations to make volunteerism more convenient for you.

While we certainly wish to spread as much joy and comfort as possible, we will never become so large as to sacrifice the fun, intimacy and caring that our dog/handler teams have for one another.

We know that dogs play an important part in our lives. They are a huge part of our family.

Think about this...While our dogs are working to enrich the lives of others, they are always by our side enabling us to do wonderful things as well.

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