Our Founder

Our founder is an AKC Certified Training Evaluator and lifelong proponents of how dogs make better people and how people with dogs can make a better life for themselves and others.













Alan Levine has been training dogs for over thirty years. Throughout this time, he has engaged with hundreds of people from various therapy dog organizations both throughout the country and in various countries throughout the world. Prior to chartering Certified Therapy Dog, Inc. Alan was the Director of Training for a long established therapy dog organization with members residing throughout he country. Following a serious life altering event, Alan has dedicated his life to bringing joy to others with his Furry BFF Sophie; and, to date (late 2020), she and he have logged over 5000 therapy dog visits across all of the venues listed below.

His experience, knowledge and gentle way with both people and animals have lead him to create a genuinely superior training, evaluation and visitation program. He is a Certified AKC Training Evaluator and conducts AKC level evaluations at local/regional AKC Dog Shows. Following the passing of his long-time mentor (See “Memoria” for Lynn Hoffman), Alan has made it a personal mission to continue the enormous value of Comfort and Therapy Dog work in such places as nursing homes and memory care facilities, hospice, hospitals, schools, library reading programs, the Juvenile Courthouse in Palm Beach County, Court diversion programs for teens, school based psychological counseling sessions and the like. Sophie took second place in the 2016 AKC National Therapy Dog Humanitarian of the Year Contest.


Alan has been asked to speak before AKC sponsored dog clubs and is constantly recharged when, in the course of people saying ‘goodbye’ they add... “You saved my life today.” (Those exact words  are actually spoken many, many times.)

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Alan Levine and Sophie