Certified Therapy Dog, Inc. is a Florida Non-Profit corporation dedicated to training therapy dogs and promoting the healing they provide to those who may need it.

Whether your goal is to…

  • Bring smiles, comfort and joy to any of a number of people or places that need them; such as schools, children’s hospitals, rehabilitation centers, the courthouse, library reading programs, memory care facilities, assisted living facilities, the VA, counseling sessions, the airport and more.

  • Increase the respect for having a legitimate and well-trained Emotional Support or Companion Dog by showing an AKC Certificate of Good Citizenship and behavioral training for your dog as being professionally schooled by an AKC certified evaluator.

  • Or just want to enjoy the company of an obedient four-legged friend

​Certified Therapy Dog, Inc. (CTD) is the AKC recommended organization that will assist you and your furry friend toward achieving your goals.